Semi Plan Your Vacation

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We’re all different types of travelers. There are people who plan everything out, those that go with the flow, those that are looking for the flow to find them (nomads) and tons more. What ever type of traveler you are, I hope my advice will help influence your travel for an fulfilling adventure filled experience.

First step – plan but don’t plan. Have an outline and ideas of what you want to do and were you want to go. Wether it be sightseeing, relaxing, finding yourself, visiting someone, what ever your purpose for travel is, go into your journey with ideas. Set plans *can be* boring. Isn’t part of traveling putting yourself our there? That’s why taking the time to do a little research, then organize the first day or two where you are going and leave the rest up to fate!

I recommend this for vacation trips – you have no obligations and no “rules” to follow so why stick to the norm?! I took a trip to California a couple weeks ago and I kept stressing myself out telling myself – “I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED.” I didn’t know where to stay or what the best things would be to do. I only knew the first three days of my trip I was staying at my cousins and the rest was up to my brother and I to decide. This whole no plan thing actually ended up working out really well. After we left our cousins we kind of looked at each other and said “what now?” I knew we wanted to hang out in SF so we drove that way and I called a few hostels and booked the cheapest one (that also had good reviews.) I’m a research travel junkie and best believe reviews are going to influence me!!

From there…the rest is history. My brother and I explored all around Northern California in our little rental Volkswagen. Shout out to Hertz & AAA for waiving the young renters fee for us! From SF to driving through the red woods to hanging out on the beaches of Santa Cruz, it was a great vacation overall.

TLDR; it’s okay to not have a plan when you travel – if you open yourself up and be spontaneous it will all work out.


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