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As a student traveling abroad I wanted to see everywhere I possibly could, but with that comes a price. The cost of living abroad can be much higher depending on where you go. As a student, young, curious, motivated to visit and try new things, I’ve found some ways that will save some more money in your pocket to take that extra trip!


You have to find ways to look for the joy in those everyday things in life that make you happy with what you have. I also have some great tips if you are watching where you spend your money.
Nobody wants to travel to and not be able to do things because of their budget. If you are smart about where you spend your money it will go farther. Improvise and make the most out of what you have.

If you’re in a new place you’ve got some many things to do and places to see. Get online and look up day trips from where you are. Use public transportation to get where you need to go and take advantage of those adventures. Day trip ideas include hiking, sightseeing, food sampling & wine tours. Exploring new cities without a plan is one of my favorite plans. On the weekends finding stuff to do and not spending a fortune can be easy.

~When I was abroad in Australia a day to hike Sublime Point. The train was $5 to get there and hiking was free. It was an amazing experience and I got to see spectacular views of Wollongong. There are lots of trails and other mountains to climb, as well keep you busy on a budget.

~Hostels rock
After spending some time in hostels during Spring break I’ve learned to really appriciate them. It’s insane how much hotels cost compared to hostels especially when you are just using the room to sleep. Hostels usually range from $20-$40 depending on location and the quality. The people you meet in hostels are interesting and many have great stories to tell about their journey.

~Packing your lunch.
By prepacking your lunch, you can save a lot and put that money towards traveling instead. Lunch usually ranges from $6-$15 and that can add up quickly if you’re eating out a lot.

~Don’t buy drinks out at the bars
This is probably the best money saveing tip if you like to go out during the week. In college, a large part of the culture here is going out to the bars. Going out two or three times a week adds up a lot if you buys drinks out. Enjoy a drink at home before going out instead of relying on $7-$15 (or more) drinks at the bars.

~Days at the Beach
Guess what? Spending your days at the beach is totally free. Just relaxing on the beach is a pretty great way to get away from all the school work and worries. So call some friends, pack your lunch, and walk to the beach for a great day.

Aside from studying, traveling abroad is about experiencing life and experiencing somewhere new! I hope you enjoyed these tips and good luck traveling.

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