Hate to fly but love to travel?

Hate to fly but love to travel?

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Whether you’re an experienced world traveler or have never been on a plane before, if the thought of flying makes you queasy, you are not alone. For some, the thought of flying may seem simple but to others it’s not. If you’re like me, you cannot avoid the wonders of the world, you must face your fears to travel abroad.

No matter how many times I fly safely I cannot feel calm on a plane. The thoughts that go through my mind and the nerves that make my blood rush have not stopped my from flying. I have ways to deal with my emotions and have suggestions for those who alway nervous flyers. You must learn to trust yourself and others.

1.) Try to think about how many planes go out on a daily basis and how the odds of anything happening on a flight are very low. It’s statistically proven that more people die in car crashes than planes. So calm your nerves a little less by knowing that flight transportation is safer than how you got to the airport.

2.) Listen to music. Create a lift off playlist! My offline Spotify playlist that works on airplane mode helps me get through that initial take off. Yes, my hands are clenched to the arm rests, my heart is beating, mind is racing but when I put in my headphones and close my eyes – I feel a little safer.

3.) Make friends or fly with friends. If you are traveling alone introduce yourself to the people that are sitting next to you. I’ve met lots of people by just saying hello or making a quick joke. If you have friends traveling with you even better! Tell them how you feel and let them help you through the ride.

4.) I would suggest sleeping it off but that’s not so easy. I try to fall asleep but the adrenal rush prevents me from doing that. There are drugs to help you fall asleep or calm your nerves. Look into those options if you are really having a problem.

Hope you enjoyed. Comment below for any ideas of your own.

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